NH Motorcycle Accidents and Injuries

In many ways, motorcycle accidents are similar to automobile accidents; however, in cases where a motorcycle is involved, the unique aspects of operating a motorcycle must always be considered. For example, many motorcyclists will "lay down" their bikes rather than hit an oncoming vehicle head-on. Motorcycle riders are not protected as they would be in a car, and collisions involving motorcycles typically result in injuries that are more serious than what would have been seen had the same accident occurred between two cars.

New Hampshire highways can be a dangerous place for motorcyclists. Crashes involving motorcycles are not rare events, especially during the summer months and Laconia's annual motorcycle week and weekend. Motorcycle riders face a far higher risk of involvement in an injury-causing crash, highlighting the need for a knowledgeable New Hampshire personal injury lawyer. An experienced NH motorcycle accident lawyer can make all the difference in the outcome of your case.

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